“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help” Hebrews 6:10

Deciples Jesus

 Church Committee  are responsible for supporting the priest in running  the St. Thomas Mission church activities. Their primary function is stated as ‘promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church’.

An Annual ‘Pothuyogum’ is usually held in September, and appoints the committee members. From each family units 2-3 members are selected to the Church Committee.  The selected voluntary members  assist the parish priest in running the daily activities of the church. Some of the common services provided by the  committee members are included in the below table  under the section ‘Committee Common Services’. This has been prepared to provide a general overview of the roles and responsibilities of committee members to the new members but please note that this is not a full list of the various services and occassionaly it may need changes.




Ref. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan

Roy Thomas (Trustee)

Santhosh Thomas (Trustee)

Christo Joseph Nenmanni (Trustee)

Joseph Manoj Erasseril Antony

Ansa Antony

Bindhu Gijo

Gini Suni

Gisha John

Gigi Sam

Sabu Mathai

Sini Simon

Binil John




  • Rev. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan (Priest in Charge)
  • Dr. Raghevandra Gulur Bheemanna (Trustee, St. Chavara Unit)
  • Mr. Benny Joseph (Trustee, St. Mother Theressa Unit)
  • Mr. Shibu Thaliyaparambil (Trustee, St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mr. Gilce George (St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mr. Shaji Varghese (St. Chavara Unit)
  • Mr. Joseph Varghese (Sacred Heart Unit)
  • Mr. Binu Jose Vathalloor (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mr. Varun John (ELC Unit)
  • Mr. Noble John (ELC Unit)
  • Mrs. Smitha Biju (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mrs. Annie Saji (Sacred Heart Unit)
  • Mrs. Dinna Jinoy (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mrs. Soumya Abilash (St. Mother Theressa Unit)
  • Rev. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan (Priest in Charge)
  • Mr. Babu Kurien (Trustee, St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mr. Serin T George (Trustee, Sacret Heart Unit)
  • Mr. Justin James
  • Mr. Poulose Kompara Lonappan
  • Mr. Avinash Pichappillil Thomas
  • Mr. Jiji Sam
  • Mr. Varun John
  • Mr. Noble John
  • Mr. Emmanuel (Blessan)
  • Mr. Rinesh Jose
  • Mr. Jossy Kurian
  • Mrs. Deepa Malcolm
  • Mrs. Deepa Ranjit
  • Mrs. Bless Saju
  • Mrs. Elsa Joy
  • Mrs. Shiny Mathew


  • Rev. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan (Priest in Charge)
  • Mr. Jaison John (Trustee, Sacret Heart Unit)
  • Mrs. Ambili Chiku (Sacret Heart Unit)
  • Mr. Tomy Joseph (Sacret Heart Unit)
  • Mrs. Lizzykutty Roy (St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mrs. Sini Simon (St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mrs. Shiny Renish (St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mr. Shino Jose (Trustee, St. Mother Theressa Unit)
  • Mr. Sinoy Jose (St. Mother Theressia Unit)
  • Mr. Shintu Manuel (St. Mother theressa Unit)
  • Mr. Siby Kavanal (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mrs. Nicy Giby (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mrs. Jasmine Binil (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mrs. Shanty Augustin (St. Chavara Unit)
  • Mr. Gigy Sam (St. Chavara Unit)
  • Mr. Sabu Mathai (ELC Unit)
  • Mr. Joseph Erisseriyal (ELC Unit)
  • Mr. John Antony (Eastleigh Unit)
  • Rev. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan (Priest in Charge
  • Mr. Biju K Jose (Trustee)
  • Mr. Abilash Padayattil (Trustee)
  • Mr. Mathew Abraham Kanichay
  • Mr. Sunil Paulose
  • Mr. Joseph Devasia (Mr. Jaison)
  • Mr. Jojo Jose
  • Mr. Tennyson Scaria
  • Mrs. Bindu Wilson
  • Mrs. Bincy Jommy
  • Mrs. Shanty Benny
  • Mrs. Santhi Lijo
  • Mrs. Shiny Mathew
  • Mrs. Liby Binu
  • Mrs. Rindu Sebastian
  • Mrs. Bindhu Gijo
  • Rev. Fr. Tomy Chirackalmanavalan (Priest in Charge)
  • Mr. Roy Thomas (Trustee, St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mr. Simon Jacob (Trustee, St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mr. Damy Pullayil Demiyanose (Trustee) Sacret Heart Unit
  • Mr. Shibu Thaliyaparambil (Trustee) St. Mary’s Unit
  • Mr. Jinoy T Mathai (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Mr. Joy George (St. Mary’s Unit)
  • Mrs. Reji Listen (Sacred Heart Unit)
  • Mrs. Giby Shintu (St. Mother Theressa Unit)
  • Mrs. Beena Sibi (St. Mother Theressa Unit)
  • Mrs. Rani Robin (St. Alphonsa Unit)
  • Finance (Counting offerings & Deposit into bank)
  • Maintaining petty cash, receipts & payments
  • Prepare the Flower Arrangement at the Church and Altar
  • Church Altar Arrangements, Arranging Bible readers, and updating a summary of Church Announcements
  • Arranging Offeratory (Usually offerings are made by the families who are celebrating wedding anniversary in that month)
  • Arranging soft drinks & snacks for Catechism Children
  • Arranging Church refreshments after Holy Mass(Snacks/Tea)
  • Church & Hall Cleaning
  • Communication (Messages,Facebook, WhatsApp and SMC Website updates)
  • Co-ordination of Altar Service, Choir and Sound system
  • Church and Hall Bookings
  • Gift Aid processing,
  • Website update and maintenance
  • Supporting ‘Bible Kalolsavam’ (Bible Festival) Mission level and Regional level.
  • Events Co-ordination including
    • Christmas Celebrations, Christmas Carol and Crib competition
    • Easter and Good Friday programmes
    • Feast of St. Thomas and St. Alphonsa
    • Feast,St. Vincent De Paul,
    • ‘Vanakamasam prayers’ in May,
    • Rosary prayers in October
    • Retreat co-ordination